Over the years Bespoke Interior Design have worked with many industry professionals collaborating with Architects, Contractors, and Joiners etc. to produce high-end luxury interiors. An area that Amanda and Marina felt was neglected within the Interior Design industry was the growing area of developments for the over 55’s and Care/Residential Homes for those with growing or medical needs. All too often the Interiors are dated, un-inspiring and often ‘institutionalized’ with the sole focus on ‘functionality’.


“We strongly believe that great design should improve and enhance peoples’ lives. Bespoke Interior Design creates interiors that function for the way people want to live”.


With this aim, we have teamed up with BaKare who, with 24 years experience are synonymous with delivering a prestigious range of beds and exceptional customer services. Along with BaKare we aim to provide a seamless service whereby together we understand your needs and build a solution to deliver real benefits.



Interior Design is experiential and is an essential part of our daily lives. It affects how we work, live, play and even heal. Stunning hotels, multi-functional rooms and ergonomic workplaces - that is interior design at work.



Every project is unique and that is why Bespoke Interior Design and BaKare work with you to understand the space, the purpose and the characteristics of those individuals or groups who use the space. Together, they have the ability to combine functionality with style to create an environment that is purposeful. within the Care Home industry they are able to fuse key characteristics of Boutique hotels with the familiarity of ‘Home’.



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